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Grenada Man Charged With Murder After Allegedly Plowing Into Canadian Jogger

Three days after they found the body of a missing Canadian woman, authorities in Grenada charged a local man with her death, accusing him of accidentally striking the victim with his car, then burying her in a hastily dug, unmarked grave.

Linnea Veinotte, 36, was reported missing on Dec. 6 after going out for a jog with her dog, Nico. Veinotte, her husband Matt, and the couple's two young sons had moved to the Caribbean island nation several months ago after Linnea accepted a job at St. George's University, CBC reported.

Witnesses told police they heard a "loud bang" the morning Linnea disappeared, and saw a car speeding away. Police found Nico, the dog, lying on the side of the road with injuries consistent with being hit by a car, as well as a black bandana and sunglasses belonging to Linnea. They also found pieces of glass that apparently broke off from the vehicle that hit the victim and her dog.

After a weeklong search for the Canadian woman, and information that pointed to 26-year-old Akim Frank, the suspect turned himself in to police on Dec. 11, according to CBC. He led police to the unmarked grave on the southern part of the island, where Linnea's partially decomposed body was found.

On Dec. 14, Grenadan authorities announced they'd charged Frank with non-capital murder, a charge that carries a maximum penalty of life in prison.

On Facebook, Matt posted an emotional thank-you note to people who had assisted with the search for his wife. Linnea's death "dos not seem real," he wrote, adding that he's "hoping that I’ll wake up from this 5 days of agony."

"It was my job to keep our family safe… and I failed," Matt wrote, reports Daily Mail. "Now I have to look into the eyes of everyone that knows Linnea, especially our two little boys and find a way keep them safe, to give them love, and provide in a way that only she could do."

Authorities said a medical examiner had conducted an autopsy on the body, but did not share any details possibly gleaned from that autopsy while speaking to the media on Dec. 14.

In addition to several witnesses, police said they recovered the vehicle Frank was driving when he allegedly struck Linnea. The dark gray SUV was recovered about 9 miles away from the site of the accident, Canada's Chronicle Herald reported.

Linnea's father, the Rev. Doug Moore of St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church in Fredericton, Canada, told the Chronicle Herald that he'd visited his daughter in Grenada a month before she was killed, and noted how a pedestrian could be hurt or killed while walking the island's curvy roads. It was Linnea's second stint as a teacher in the island country, Moore said.

“She helped people who were having a hard time to study and get through university,” he said. “She liked it there.”

Sources: CBC, The Chronicle Herald (2), Daily Mail / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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