Cannibalistic Arachnids With Green Fangs Return To Streets Of South Wales (Photos/Video)


Cannibalistic fanged spiders with bites that are painful as a bee sting are making their way to the streets of Wales.

The eight-legged creepy crawlers are believed to be tube spiders, one of the largest types in the U.K., and readily recognized by their thick black bodies that can grow up to 1 inch wide. They are also identified by their shiny greens fangs, the Mirror notes.

Clusters of the arachnids have been seen along the streets of Ludlow Close, Newport. Even though tube spiders feed on their own kind, its bites cause pain that can last for up to six hours.

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“One of the neighbors came out and asked if we were looking at the spiders and showed us a cluster of about 30 or 40 in his back garden then showed us one of a similar size in the front yard,” Mike Rance, of Cwmbran, Wales, told the Daily Mail. “He then pointed out houses all over the street that said they had them – they’re all over the place.”

More than 650 different species of spiders are found in the U.K., but only 12 types have enough venom that can cause harm to humans.

Experts warn that spiders will start to enter U.K. homes as the weather gets colder.

The video below shows Rance moments before catching one of the spiders and handing it over to a veterinarian, who confirmed it was in fact a tube spider.

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Image Credit: Caters News


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