Soldier Who Beat Afghan Child Abuser To Stay In Army


The U.S. Army reversed a decision to discharge a Green Beret who beat an Afghan police officer accused of sexually abusing a child.

An announcement released by the Army on April 28 said that Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland would continue his Army service, although no further details were given, according to CNN.

In 2011, Martland and former Capt. Daniel Quinn intervened when they learned that a young boy in Northern Afghanistan had been repeatedly raped by Afghan Local Police commander Abdul Rahman. The boy and his mother, who spoke to the two soldiers through an interpreter, said Rahman’s brother beat the mother when she tried to intervene. 

Martland said that when he and Quinn discussed the issue with their higher-ups, they were told there was nothing they could do, and that local Afghan officials should deal with the problem. However, the two soldiers noted that nothing was being done to stop the violence from occurring again.

In a report released last year, Martland described what occurred when he and Quinn confronted the police commander. 

"After the child rapist laughed it off and referenced that it was only a boy, Captain Quinn picked him up and threw him," Martland wrote, according to CNN. 

Martland then "body slam[med] him multiple times," kicked him in the ribs, and held his neck down with his foot. The incident lasted no more than five minutes in total, Martland said.

"I continued to body slam him and throw him for fifty meters until he was outside the camp," Martland wrote in the report. "He was never knocked out, and he ran away from our camp." 

Following the confrontation, Martland and Quinn were removed from their base in Kunduz Province, and were eventually sent home. The Pentagon denied telling soldiers to ignore problems of child abuse carried out by Afghan officials is sanctioned by the Army, according to CNN. However, several prominent elected officials, including Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, have advocated on behalf of Martland in Congress. 

"I am real thankful for being able to continue to serve," Martland told Fox News. "I appreciate everything Congressman Duncan Hunter and his Chief of Staff, Joe Kasper did for me."

Sources: CNN, Fox News / Photo Credit: Red State

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