Green Bay Packers Championship Ring that Turned Up at Chicago Drug Bust Was “Stolen”

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On May 21, a massive federal narcotics trafficking investigation ultimately ended with six arrests in the Chicago area, as well as the seizure of drugs, cash, weapons and a 2010 Green Bay Packers championship ring.

Yes, a 2010 Green Bay Packers championship ring.

While the 44 pounds of heroin, $1.4 million in dough, 18 firearms and all of the jewelry that police reportedly confiscated is great, understandably, most of the intrigue regarding this bust (from sports fans, at least) is based around why the dealers had a Super Bowl ring in the first place.

According to the Associated Press, the ring had been reported stolen from a team executive a while ago. Obviously that explains whose ring it is, but it still doesn’t shine any light on why drug traffickers would have it.

(via Fox Sports)

Generally speaking, if nefarious characters have your belongings or were ever in a position to steal your belongings, it’s because they were around you at some point. Now, maybe you weren’t aware of their alleged criminal ties at the time, or maybe they came across your belongings via some third party; however, it’s still sort of suspicious that something as valuable and precious as a championship ring would innocently find itself in the possession of drug dealers.

Or this could just all be an elaborate set-up by a disgruntled Chicago Bears fan designed to make us question the legitimacy of Packers executives. That option is never off the table.

(Kudos AP)

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