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Gravel Truck Crushes Pregnant Woman To Death In 'Totally Avoidable' Accident (Photos)

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A gravel truck turned over outside a California home and crushed a car parked in the driveway, killing a pregnant mother inside.

Around 1 p.m. on March 23, 32-year-old Lindsey Combs got in her car intending to move it further up her driveway so contractors could have room to work on the sidewalk. Suddenly, the gravel truck Combs was making room for tipped over, crushing the car and killing the woman instantly. According to reports, Combs’ 4-year-old daughter witnessed her mother being crushed by the truck.

“It was terrible. It was like metal on metal scraping real loud, and men yelling,” neighbor Peggy Hagerthy said of the moment the truck came down onto Combs’ car. “A few of us tried to dig her out of the car, and I told the guy to get the backhoe and try to lift the trailer off the car, but the backhoe wasn't strong enough to lift the trailer off the car,” Hagerthy’s son, Travis, added. The accident, according to reports, was completely avoidable.

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“I am devastated, upset, mostly upset that this was totally avoidable,” Combs’ fiance, 39-year-old Anderson Pamilton, said. “She was a great mother. I envy what she had with my daughter — the bond they had was inseparable.”

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According to the owner of the truck company who sub-contracted, the driver called the incident his “worst nightmare,” and added that the driver was completely experienced. “(He's a) very good driver. He's been with me for 25 years. Excellent record, terrific guy, family man, great guy,” Greg’s Trucking owner Gregory Menna said.

Staff at Sports Clips Haircuts, where Combs worked for six years, launched a GoFundMe campaign following her death to raise money for her daughter, Lyric, and to cover funeral costs.

“She was a great person and the world is a darker place without her,” a friend wrote on the page.

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Photo Credit: GoFundMe Page and Screen Captures via NY Daily News


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