Graphic Video: Wyoming Premium Farms Brutally Abuse Pigs

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A graphic video (below) released by the Humane Society shows employees at the Wyoming Premium Farms in Wheatland, Wyoming, kicking the faces of pigs, punching them and bouncing up and down on an animal’s broken leg.

The video also shows one worker hurling piglets into a wall to stun them, another pig left to suffer for two weeks and a third pig nudging decayed corpses of her piglets on the floor.

Local officials are investigating the operation, which the Humane Society exposed after receiving tips from a whistle blower about the workers’ behavior.  Wyoming Premium Farms’ Doug DeRouchey issued a statement to CBS News, saying that some of the behavior depicted won’t be tolerated.

Tyson Foods, which the Humane Society claimed was supplied by Wyoming Premium Farms, denied the connection in a statement: “Tyson Foods does not buy any of the hogs raised onthis farm for our pork processing plants,” but admitted that a separate Tyson “hog buying business” does buy some of Wyoming Premium Farms’ older pigs for resale.



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