Graphic Video: Police Shoot and Kill Darrius Kennedy for Walking with Knife in New York City

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In New York City, on Saturday, the NYPD shot and killed Darrius Kennedy, who was wielding a knife (video below).

The Associated Press reported that police approached Kennedy, who was apparently smoking marijuana. Kennedy then pulled a large knife.

He refused to drop the knife and started walking away from police on a busy New York City street.

Kennedy allegedly yelled: "Shoot me, shoot me" while carrying the 11-inch knife

Police claimed that they sprayed Kennedy with pepper spray six times, but he continued to walk away.

After seven blocks, police claimed that Kennedy lunged at them, and two police officers shot him on West 37th Street. Kennedy was, later, pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Not surprisingly, the incident attracted bystanders with video cameras and cell phone cameras, one of the graphic videos is below.

Kennedy's relatives said the situation should have been handled better by police.


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