Graphic Video: Police Officers Shoot Dog Five Times


Police in Commerce City, Colorado shot and killed a large dog after cornering the canine in a resident's garage.

Police initially responded to a call about an unfamiliar dog in the neighborhood, reports the Daily Mail.

An amateur video (below), shot by a neighbor across the street, shows two police officers and a member of animal control backing a black dog into a garage.

The man filming the scene warns his daughter to step away from the window "in case they have to shoot this guy or something. They came up on the garage and that guy got aggressive quick."

Apparently, the neighbor was not aware that the "guy" was actually a dog.

The police officers slowly close in on the dog, with pistols drawn. The pooch appears to make a run for it, when a police officer fires a shot at the dog.

After first shot, the animal control crew member manages to get a snare around the dog's neck and is able to pull it back, but the police officer continues shooting the dog four more times, until it drops over and dies.



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