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Graphic Video: Men Crash Women's Topless Protests, Take Pictures

Women who took part in National Go Topless Day marches, on Sunday, in New York and Los Angeles, got some uninvited supporters: men.

In Bryant Park in New York City, women were outnumbered by men by a ratio of ten to one, with the men taking pictures.

Photographer Katie Sokoler told “They would just swarm a girl and get right up in her boobs to take close ups. Three girls got so angry, they screamed, ‘They’re just f-cking boobs!’ and left.”

"People wouldnt even ask to take a picture of the women. They would just be surrounded by 50 dudes taking pictures of their boobs. And that's why although it's legal to be topless, it's not equal."

In Los Angeles, KNBC reports that men showed up there as well (graphic video below)., one of the organizers, said 14 states technically allow for women to go topless, but those laws have been undermined by local statutes forcing them to keep their shirts on in public.



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