Graphic Photo: Ukrainian Man Sick And Tired Of Not Having Job Offs Himself By Twisting Own Neck Outside Restaurant


A Ukrainian man committed suicide by wedging his head between a metal fence and then twisting his body until his neck snapped outside a busy restaurant on Monday.

Police in the northeastern city of Sumy are investigating the odd incident, which happened during the lunchtime rush, according to the Daily Mail.

The man had been in line at the fast food restaurant, but left just before being served.

Some witnesses overheard the man on the phone saying something about “not having a job,” which may have been the drive behind the public suicide, LiveLeak reports.

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“It was pretty busy in the store, but I saw him standing behind the guy who was serving and talking on the telephone fairly loudly about not having a job,” a witness said. “I thought it was probably his mum or his girlfriend, and when he was supposed to be served he was still talking and wandered outside of the store to carry on the conversation. Next minute I heard someone scream and then all the customers went up to the window and started looking to see what was going on outside. I went too and saw him slumped hanging over the fence with his neck bent at a completely unnatural angle. Apparently he just stuck his neck in the fence and then pushed until it snapped. It was really horrific.”

Note that Ukraine is currently going through a tumultuous period, which has had a significantly negative impact on its economy and left many people, like this man, unemployed. 

Sources: Daily MailLiveLeak


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