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Graphic Photo: Caisen Green Posts Photo Of Pitbull Shot with Arrow on Facebook

A teen from Oklahoma fled his hometown after he posted a graphic photo of a pitbull with an arrow stuck in its side.

Caisen Green, 18, posted the photo with the caption: “For all you pit lovers out there. Here’s what happens when one shows up around my house.”

After he reportedly received death threats, he fled his town and took down his Facebook page. Along with getting the attention of Facebook users, it also caught the attention of authorities.

Police are now looking into the situation to see if the young man committed a crime by shooting the dog with an arrow.

Jason Chennault, Cherokee County Undersheriff, said, “One of the patrol deputies called me and wanted me to know about it. I met him at the sheriff’s office and he showed me the picture.”

The officer went to his house but his father told him that he had left after receiving death threats.

Now they are looking to see if a crime was committed.

“It’s a gray area. If the dog is threatening livestock or your well-being, you can do what you have to do to stop it. I’m going to do my best to get everything done this week.”

Not much is known about the dog, including if it had an owner. A local Humane Society board member knows that the dog likely suffered an extremely painful death, though.

“I saw a picture with a dog with a red arrow stuck in his side, which made me believe he probably died slowly, probably bled to death,” Lou Hays said.

After Green posted the picture, another page was quickly set up to raise awareness for animal abuse. The page received more than 2,400 likes.

Despite the anger many expressed over the photo, some people actually enjoyed the image, as a Facebook page called “Caisen Green is a True American Hero” was set up on Sunday.

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