Body Cam Shows Police Officer Shooting Two Dogs (Video)

Body Cam Shows Police Officer Shooting Two Dogs (Video) Promo Image

Newly released body cam video (below) shows the moment a Minneapolis police officer shot two dogs.

The officer, identified as Michael Mays, was responding to a false security alarm on July 8 when he entered the backyard of a home and then shot the homeowner's two dogs, according to CBS News. The graphic recording has now been released to the public.

In the video, the dogs approach the officer, one with its tail wagging. As the pets walk toward Mays, he shoots both of them.

"I dispatched them both," reported the officer.

Mays then climbed over the backyard's fence and spoke to the teen girl who had accidentally set off the alarm.

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"I don't like shooting dogs," said Mays to the the crying girl. "I love dogs."

Mays said one of the dogs had growled at him, but no sound was recorded until after he had fired his weapon.

Mays would later write in his police report that the dogs, which he said were pit bulls, had charged him, according to KARE.

"I observed a white pitbull rushing towards me from inside the residence. I back peddled towards the garage area while giving loud verbal commands 'GET BACK,'" wrote Mays. "The dog slowed down for a short time frame, but continued to growl at me while taking a few more steps towards me. Noted, the 6-8 foot fence was wrapped all the way around, making it uneasy for me to remove myself from the rear yard without turning my back."

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"After the dog took a few more steps towards me, I fired one shot at the dog, causing it to fall over," Mays continued. "The dog then got up and ran back into the residence. After firing the first shot, I observed a larger size blue nose pitbull come rushing towards me from inside the residence. I pointed my firearm at the second dog and fired off three shots. The second dog first fell to the ground and got back up, and eventually ran back into the residence."

The dogs' owner, Jennifer LeMay, said the two dogs, Rocko and Ciroc, are service dogs for her children. Both of the dogs are reported to have survived the shooting, but needed expensive veterinary surgery.

After the shooting, LeMay posted a surveillance video from her backyard which showed the moment Mays shot the dogs and jumped over the fence.

Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau called the video "hard to watch," and said that the police department would help pay for the dogs' veterinary expenses.

Since the incident with Rocko and Ciroc, the Minneapolis Police reportedly changed its policy and training for incidents involving animals.

WARNING: This video shows graphic scenes.

Sources: CBS News, KARE / Photo credit: Mohammed Mahdi/Flickr, Jennifer LeMay/Facebook via CBS, David Hilowitz/Flickr

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