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Grandparents Angry Over Plea Deal for Heather Jensen, Woman Accused of Killing Sons

The Colorado mother charged in the heat stroke deaths of her two young sons was offered a plea deal, a decision that shocked the boys’ grandparents who would like to see the mother executed.

Heather Jensen, 25, was accused of child abuse resulting in death, criminally negligent homicide and false reporting when her 2-year-old son William and her 4-year-old son Tyler died in November 2012 after she locked them in an SUV for 90 minutes while she allegedly took drugs and had sex with a man in a nearby truck. The boys died of hyperthermia, or heat stroke, from sitting in the heated SUV.

The deal was made public in court Wednesday, but the details have not bee released. The plea could reduce Jensen’s charges to criminally negligent homicide, which carries 12 to 24 years in prison, said the boys’ grandparents.

“They [the prosecutor and an investigator] asked us what we would like to see done. Of course, we said, ‘The electric chair,’” the boys' step-grandfather, Robert Mathena, told The Denver Post. “But we would like to see this come to an end.”

William died of hyperthermia at the scene on November 27, 2012. Tyler died in the hospital a week later. Their deaths came just six weeks after Eric Brandon, Mathena’s son and Jensen’s husband, died in a car crash.

Mathena and his wife spent over two months fighting in court for custody of the boys’ remains. Jensen wanted to have them cremated, but the court gave the remains to Mathena so they could be laid to rest beside their father in Palisade.

To his shock, Jensen had a note engraved on the collective headstone for Eric Brandon, Tyler Brandon and William Hayes stating that she was sorry and that she was “good mommy.” Mathena assumes that, since she has been in jailed, Jensen must have had a friend put the engraving on the headstone.

Jensen was previously on probation for a domestic violence assault against her late husband, Eric.

Jailed on $150,000 bond since her November arrest, Jensen will be arraigned May 30, at which time the details of her plea agreement could be made public.

Sources: Denver Post, Daily Mail


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