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Granddad Shoots Son Dead For Abusing Granddaughter (Photos)

An Alabama man has been charged with murder after fatally shooting his son because he physically abused the man's granddaughter.

Hubbard Junior Hall, 64, has been arrested after allegedly shooting his son, Mark Hall, during a heated argument about his 12-year-old granddaughter, the Daily Mail reported.

Mark, 41, was returning home from a softball game with his daughter and his mother, Martha Hall, on Feb. 21, reported. Mark then received a phone call about his daughter and began striking and "popping" her repeatedly, according to authorities.

Prosecutors said the abuse continued until the family arrived home. Mark then announced that he was taking his daughter back to his house, which is directly behind his parents' home.

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But Hubbard stepped in and did not allow his son to take his granddaughter. The two got into a heated dispute, which lead to Hubbard grabbing a .25 caliber handgun and shooting Mark, police reports state.

By the time authorities arrived, they found Mark lying on the floor with a gunshot wound. He was rushed to USA Medical Center in Mobile, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Hubbard was booked into the Baldwin County Corrections Center, where he is being held on a $50,000 bond.

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Mark had previously posted about his daughter on his Facebook account. He described her as "the best daughter in the world," and "a precious gift," and said that he loved her "to the moon and back," according to the Daily Mail.

Reactions about the shooting were mixed among social media users. Some people applauded the grandfather for sticking up for his granddaughter, while others felt the issue could have been resolved differently.

"This guy should get a reward for killing a POS," wrote one commenter.

"No, he should not be rewarded for murdering a person who had not even been convicted of a crime," a second commenter responded. "Punishment should only be administered by the state, and only after due process has been observed and all of the defendant's rights have been respected."

"Sadly far too many people's first instinct is to grab a gun when there is a dispute or an altercation becomes physical" wrote another. "Common sense seems to be pretty uncommon sometimes."

Sources: Daily Mail, / Photo credit: Facebook, Baldwin County Sheriff's Office via Daily Mail

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