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Woman With Agoraphobia Falls Down Manhole After Leaving Home For Third Time In 10 Years

Janet Faal, 57, is not having the best of luck lately. The grandmother, who is from West Sussex, England, recently conquered her agoraphobia, which is a fear of open spaces, and, as part of her rehabilitation, took a chance by leaving her house for the third time in a decade.

Unfortunately, her short trip did not end well. Faal reportedly fell down a manhole while outside and is now suffering from a possible fractured leg and two black eyes, reports the Daily Mail.

"I was with a friend helping her reverse out of a car park, and there was this wooden pallet in the way," Fall said, according to the Telegraph. "I moved the pallet out of the way with my foot and I was going to turn around to my friend say 'is that far enough?'

"I took a step over -- never in my life did I think there was a hole underneath, I thought it had just fallen over," she continued.  "The next thing I remember is the pain. It was awful." 

The grandmother of four got one of her legs stuck in the hole and smashed her face on the pallet. 

One aspect of this that certainly didn't help her rehabilitation was that paramedics reportedly took one hour to reach her, reports the Telegraph. In the meantime, she says she was stuck in the manhole and in an extreme amount of pain. 

A spokesman for South East Coast Ambulance Service explained why it took so long to help Faal:

"When the call came in, with the information provided by the caller, it was classified as a 'class C' call," he said. "We always do our best to back up the first paramedic as soon as we can but life-threatening calls have to take priority."

Faal says she suspects this incident will set back her therapy.

Sources: Daily Mail, Telegraph

Photo Credit: Flickr, WikiCommons


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