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Prison Time For Grandma Who Let Grandkids Eat Heroin (Photo)

The grandmother of a baby and a toddler who swallowed heroin has been sentenced to 90 days in prison.  

Lisa Davis, 44, had pleaded guilty to a felony charge of permitting drug abuse in late October. As a result, on Dec. 15, a judge sentenced the woman from Warren, Ohio, to the three-month prison term, followed by five years of probation, the Daily Mail reports. 

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Lisa's two grandchildren, aged 9 months and 21 months, ate heroin earlier this year and were only revived when they were treated with a heroin antidote at a hospital emergency room. The two children and their young mother were living with Lisa. 

The mother of the children, Carlisa Davis, 19, is awaiting sentencing after being convicted in November by a jury on two counts of child endangering that set a maximum punishment of six years in prison. 

Lisa's mother is taking care of her two great-grandchildren, the Tribune Chronicle reports. 

The children were found unconscious on the floor of the Davises' home on the morning of Feb. 2. The boy and girl were taken to a local hospital where emergency room doctors treated them with the opiate-reversal drug naloxone. 

In a video played in court during her trial, Carlisa informed the jury she was aware her brothers and their friends had been dealing drugs out of their mother's home.

Carlisa's lawyer, Michael Scala, asked the court to take into account his client's tough situation, that is, being a mother of two, with a third child on the way, who was employed and a student, WKBN reports. 

Lisa repeatedly urged her sons to not deal in drugs, she testified in court.

Lisa also informed the jury she had been trying to move Carlisa and the children out of her home to prevent them being exposed to drug activity.

Sources: Daily Mail, Tribune Chronicle, WKBN / Photo credit: WFMJ, Daily Mail

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