Grandmother Who Dressed As Witch To Abuse Girl Jailed (Video)


A grandmother has been given three life sentences after she was accused of terrorizing and abusing her 7-year-old granddaughter while dressed as a witch (video below).

Geneva Robinson, 51, pleaded guilty to multiple counts of felony child abuse. Her boyfriend, 33-year-old Joshua Granger, was also convicted and sentenced to 30 years in jail, People reports. The couple had initially faced a combined 29 counts of felony child abuse and neglect.

Robinson reportedly abused the young girl for more than a year, pulling on her with pliers, burning her with cigarettes, beating her with a rolling pin, kicking the girl in the pubic area hard enough to cause a fracture, cutting off all of her hair while she slept, and withholding food. She also forced the girl to sleep outside with dogs.

According to the girl, Robinson also hit her with an orange-and-black-colored whip. A police report said that the girl's ankles had cuts on them, and that her wrists had marks "which [indicated] possibly being bound."

Many of the abuses were reportedly committed while Robinson wore a green mask and black clothes to embody her alter-ego, "Nelda the witch." Prosecutors released a video that shows some of the abuse Robinson inflicted, according to KTLA.

Robinson's attorneys argued that she had gone through an abusive childhood and did not have adequate parenting skills.

"We don't have illusions this is not serious, but we are here for mercy," said an attorney. "Nobody died. This is not a death penalty case."

"They're innocent children, and they were just tortured," said prosecutor Meredith Easter. "It's heartbreaking to watch them recount what's happened to them."

"She has scarred them for the rest of their lives," said Easter. "She does not understand the horror she inflicted on [the victim]. Geneva Robinson should never walk free again. She should never have access to children."

Prosecutors said that Granger was also responsible for the abuse, claiming he beat the children and aided Robinson with her "Nelda" character.

"Anyone who sits back and watches it or helps someone else do that deserves to be there with them," Easter said. "He's the only person who could have protected [the victim] from Geneva Robinson. He didn't do that."

The girl, who is now 9, wrote a letter to Robinson in which she said that she forgives her.

"I love you," wrote the young girl. "I forgive you. You're the best grandmother I ever had."

It is not clear who currently has custody of the girl.

Sources: KTLA, People / Photo credit: The Costume Guild/Flickr

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