Three Life Sentences For Woman Who Abused Granddaughter


A judge sentenced an Oklahoma woman to three consecutive life sentences in prison for terrorizing her 7-year-old granddaughter while dressed as a witch.

Geneva S. Robinson, 51, of Oklahoma City pleaded guilty to five counts of felony child abuse on April 13, the Daily Mail reports.

She admitted to hitting her granddaughter in the face, scratching her neck, hitting her with a rolling pin and cutting her hair while she slept, according to NewsOK.

"What she did was horrific and what she did will forever impact this child and her siblings," Assistant District Attorney Merydith Easter told Judge Michele McElwee at Robinson's sentencing. "She deserves the same amount of mercy that she showed this child, and that's none."

Easter told the judge that the 7-year-old lived in a "house of horrors" for months in 2014, due to the abuse from Robinson. She said the girl was kicked, whipped, hit, burned and "repeatedly tortured."

Robinson reportedly dressed as a witch and called herself "Nelda," while her boyfriend, 33-year-old Joshua Granger pretended to be a demon named "Coogro." A judge sentenced Granger to 30 years in prison for his participation in the abuse after authorities charged him with one count of felony child abuse. 

In court, Judge McElwee showed two photos of the victim -- one taken before she was abused and one taken after. 

The first photo, taken when the victim was 5-years-old, shows her smiling, with "sparkling eyes," as the judge called them. The next photo shows the victim with a shaved head, no smile and visible bruises and blisters.

"You know what died?" the judge said. "Those sparkling eyes from an innocent girl."

During sentencing, the judge was shown a cellphone video in which Robinson was dressed as "Nelda" and Granger was dressed as "Coogro." The video reportedly shows the grandmother grabbing the child.

In the video, Robinson is wearing a long, black cloak and her hands are painted green, and it appears she is wearing a mask. She can be heard telling the girl, "Grandma's sick because of you. You go with the witch."

The girl then pleads with "Nelda," telling her that she will be good to her grandmother, to which Robinson replies, "You lie, you lie, you lie, little girl."

"I promise, witch. I won't do mean to Grandma," the victim says. "I won't hit grandma. I won't be mean."

Robinson then yelled, "Give me a fork and a knife." Prosecutors said Robinson told her granddaughter that witches eat bad children.

Police arrested Robinson in 2014 after she took her malnourished granddaughter to the hospital because she "could not control" the girl. 

Robinson reportedly used a dog leash to hang her granddaughter by her arms from the garage ceiling and whipped her. She also forced the child to sleep outside with the dogs and prevented her going to school with her siblings.

Sources: NewsOKDaily Mail / Photo Credit: Paul Hellstern/NewsOK

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