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Grandmother Priscilla Greyeyes Helps Deliver Her Daughter’s Baby In Pickup Truck In Parking Lot

A grandmother probably didn’t anticipate being the one to deliver her daughter’s baby, but that’s what happened and it all took place in an Arizona parking lot.

Leandra Greyeyes had her mother Priscilla pull their truck into the parking lot at a Safeway in Flagstaff, Ariz., en route to the hospital when Logan was ready to make his debut.

It turns out, Logan wasn’t going to wait for the hospital and grandma had to call 911 from the parking lot.

 “I think the baby is coming out and we're trying to make it to the hospital,” Priscilla calmly told dispatcher Katlyn Mitchell, according to Mail Online.

Mitchell asked how far apart the contractions were, but moments later a baby can be heard crying on the recording obtained by KPNX. The dispatcher instructed the new grandmother to gently wipe off the baby's mouth and nose to make sure he could breathe.

“I can't believe I just, like, had him in the truck,” Leandra said. “Now he'll have a story to tell when he grows up.”

The experience was quite memorable for the dispatcher too.

“Initially, it was just another medical,” Mitchell said. “When I heard the baby crying that's when it hit me, that I helped bring another life into this world.”

Grandmother, mom and baby are reportedly all doing well.

Sources: MSN, Mail Online, KSN


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