Grandmother Gives Birth To Her Own Twin Granddaughters


It is not every day that a grandmother gives birth to her own grandchildren, but Iowa woman Susie Kozisek recently did just that.

Kozisek, a 53-year-old mother of four, volunteered to become the gestational carrier for her daughter, Ashley Larkin, who is unable to get pregnant because she has pulmonary hypertension.

The procedure to become a gestational carrier entails collecting fertilized eggs from the biological parents via in vitro fertilization, then taking the resulting embryo and implanting it in the carrier’s own uterus, reports ABC News. It was a success and Kozisek was able to give birth to twin granddaughters Hallee and Hadlee. Kozisek had previously carried the twins’ older sister, Harper, in June 2011.

Both pregnancies went without complications for Kozisek, and Larkin was able to be in the delivery room when her daughters were born, ABC News reports.

“I've always been close with my mom even before this so that hasn't changed and I'm grateful she will have such a special bond with her grandkids," Larkin said.

Dr. Jani Jensen, the Mayo Clinic fertility doctor who performed the in vitro fertilizations for the family, said having a grandmother carry her own grandchildren is extremely rare.

"It's usual for a mother to act as a gestational carrier for her own child and she was at the older end of the spectrum for pregnancy," Jensen said.

Jensen and Kozisek discussed the decision with high-risk pregnancy experts and within the Mayo Clinic fertility group before Kozisek was given the OK to become the carrier.

"[Kozisek] was a good candidate because she'd carried previous pregnancies successfully and was in excellent health," Jensen said.

As a doctor, Jensen was delighted with the results, reports ABC News.

"[The family is] a testament to the profound love a mother can have for her child," Jensen said. "It is an incredible thing this mother did so her daughter could have children."

Source/Photo: ABC News


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