Grandmother Faces Eviction Over American Flag (Video)


Elodia Royce got a warning from her landlord two weeks ago that threatened her with eviction because she has an American flag on display in one of the windows of her Happy Valley, Ore. home.

Royce, 58, claims a neighbor complained to the landlord about the “colored drape” in her window, which has been there for six years, notes CBS Seattle.

"It says all colored drapes need to be removed from the windows, but our flag is not a drape," Royce told KGW (video below).

“They fought for our freedoms, and this is a freedom I should have,” added Royce. “My grandfather, aunts and uncles served. My ex-husband served in Desert Storm, and his entire family are military folks.”

Flags are not mentioned in Royce's rental agreement.

"I did tell my daughter I may have to move, and my grandson started crying, then my daughter said, 'If you have to move, we will move too,'" said Royce.

Royce's landlord, Cascade Rental Management, has refused to comment.

Sources: CBS Seattle and KGW


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