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Grandmother Sentenced To Nine Years In Prison For Murder Of Her Teenage Granddaughter In 1998


Lois Janish, a 75-year-old woman from Flint, Michigan, was sentenced to nine years in prison on Nov. 13 for the murder of her granddaughter, Coral Hall, 17 years ago.

Hall, 14, disappeared in 1998 after using a pay phone near the White Horse Tavern in Flint. Her remains were never found, reports CBS Detroit.  

The teen had been living with Janish and her boyfriend at the time. She reportedly called a friend from the pay phone asking for a place to stay because she had been fighting with her grandmother.

The friend told police that they had planned to meet later, but Hall never showed up.

In 2013, Janish finally admitted to investigators she clubbed her granddaughter to death with a hammer, dismembered her body, and scattered the remains around the Flint area with the help of her boyfriend, who is now deceased. 

She reportedly offered to help authorities look for Hall's remains, although none were found after three separate searches. 

The woman was charged with second-degree murder in the teen's death shortly after her confession two years ago. She pleaded no contest to the charge in a Genesee County court in September.

Her sentencing was originally scheduled for Nov. 10, but was later postponed to Nov. 13, reports The Associated Press.

Janish reportedly told investigators many different stories about what she believed happened to her granddaughter before eventually confessing to the murder.

She initially told police the girl ran away to California with an older man, who raped and killed her. She also said at one point that her boyfriend became enraged at the girl after being denied sex and murdered her.

Janish reportedly had a troubled relationship with her granddaughter, and once allegedly offered to let a neighborhood drug dealer spend "alone time" with Hall in exchange for crack cocaine.

A friend of the teen had tried to get her placed in foster care through Child Protective Services shortly before the murder, but court records show that the agency refused to take her and sent her back to her grandmother.

Three inmates who spent time in jail with Janish after she was charged with murder told police that she "giggled" while telling them about how she killed her granddaughter and appeared to have little remorse for the deed.

Second-degree murder carries a maximum sentence of life in prison, according to the Michigan Penal Code. 

Sources: CBS Detroit, AP via MSN, Inquisitr, Michigan Penal Code, KXAN / Photo credit: CBS Detroit/Genesee County Jail 

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