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Grandmother Banned From Teaching 3-Year-Old Granddaughter to Ride a Bike

Tracy Osborne-Facey, 43, was teaching her 3-year-old granddaughter how to ride a bike on her cul-de-sac in England when a housing association officer showed up. He demanded that the little girl, Lilly Lines, stop riding because of “no balls or bikes” policy.

The L&Q London Housing Association banned bikes and balls because they received complaints from residents regarding damage to homes and cars.

"I could understand stopping ball games maybe, but they've basically banned children from playing outside,” Osborne-Facey told the Telegraph.

Her neighbor, 32-year-old Julie Doughty, the housing association was being outrageous.

"I can't believe that they stopped a little three-year-old, supervised by her grandmother, from riding a bike outside her home,” said the mother of four. "They're taking things to extremes here."

“But it's not just the children. We adults are not allowed to congregate or talk outside either,” Osborne-Facey explained. "I got a letter once telling me off for chatting to a neighbor outside for about 20 minutes. Others have received letters too about all kinds of things which they apparently shouldn't be doing."

"The officer who told me Lilly couldn't ride her bike said I should expect a letter about it soon. It's absolutely ridiculous,” she added.

L&Q said it is unfortunate that not all local residents can be accommodated.

"L&Q strives to create places where people want to live but unfortunately due to the concern of the local residents we had to enforce a 'no bikes no ball games' policy around the area,” said an L&Q spokeswoman. "We do appreciate this being a difficult issue, especially throughout the holidays and the nice weather.”

Osborne-Facey believes the rules have kids locked away inside, without any exercise.

"Like most people, I want my kids and grandchild enjoying the outdoors not cooped up inside watching TV or playing computer games but I understand why he doesn't want to go out," she said. "I realize people want to live somewhere peaceful, but the children that play here are all under 12 and not anti-social at all."

Sources: The Telegraph, MSN Now


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