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Grandmother Accused Of Trying To Drown 7-Year-Old Grandson Twice

A grandmother from Glendale, Arizona, is sitting in jail for allegedly trying to drown her grandson on more than one occasion.

54-year-old Leona Donna Mathtushquan is facing charges of child abuse for her alleged actions on July 18. Mathtushquan was arrested after officers arrived at the family’s apartment.

The grandmother and the boy have lived there together for the past year.

The 7-year-old boy was found naked and told the officers that his grandmother had tried to drown him in the bathtub.

The boy told police that it was the second time she had tried to drown him. This time, the boy said that she tied him up by his ankles and wrists behind his back, then held his face under water until he could barely breathe, according to Fox 10 Phoenix.

Mathtushquan admitted to police that she had tied the boy up and showed them the twine that she had used to do it.

The boy said that his grandmother had used the twine to tie him up to the bed frame for an entire day, also on two occasions.

The police report said the boy also had eye injuries from being hit in the face several times.

The grandmother faces three felony counts of child abuse for the two alleged incidents wherein she tried to drown him, reported Fox 10 Phoenix.

The grandson is currently being cared for by the Department of Child Safety. Mathtushquan has been released on bail but is not allowed to have contact with the child.

According to The Child Crisis Center, a group that provides a safe environment for abused children by working with foster and adoptive families, Arizona ranks fifth in the United States for the rate of children with substantiated reports of neglect and abuse. Arizona comes in at almost two times the national average.

The state's child abuse hotline received 25,076 calls that met the criteria for a report to the Arizona Department of Child Safety over just a six-month period in 2014, according to the Arizona branch of Court Appointed Special Advocates, a national association that supports court-appointed advocates to find healthy homes for abused and neglected children.

6,461 children were removed from their homes in that same period of time, according to a report by the Arizona Department of Child Safety.

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Photo Credit: Screenshot via Fox 10 Phoenix


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