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Grandmother Denies Claims That She Embezzled Her Granddaughter's $50,000 Inheritance

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A Milwaukee woman is under fire after being accused of embezzling her granddaughter’s money.

Betty Coleman, 56, is accused of spending the girl’s inheritance money as well as giving some of it to a man who molested the granddaughter.

Coleman's former husband, the girl's grandfather, died in 2013. He had a life insurance policy that paid the granddaughter $50,000, according to FOX 6.

Because she was a minor at the time, the granddaughter was required by law to have an adult guardian manage the money for her. It was then that Coleman was granted guardianship of the girl and control over the funds.

The grandmother now faces charges of felony theft and misdemeanor contempt of court. The complaint claims Coleman lied about her criminal history to gain guardianship of the girl.

She intends to contest these charges in court. She says all the money taken from the fund was used on her granddaughter.

“I hate the fact that these people think I would be this kind of monster,” Coleman told Fox 6 News.

Despite being directed to “set aside $20,000 of the life insurance proceeds for (the girl) until she reached 18 years,” the court complaint states this did not happen.

Coleman was also supposed to spend the remaining $30,000 on the girl’s behalf. The complaint states this did not happen, either.

After gaining guardianship of the girl, Coleman allegedly made several large purchases at various stores. Supposedly, she spent more than $2,600 at Best Buy, $1,190 at USA Wicker, and $2,501 at Walmart.

Coleman also reportedly purchased large amounts of tobacco, jewelry and liquor.

Some of the money allegedly found its way into the hands of Roosevelt Coleman, her current husband who is spending time in prison for sexually molesting her granddaughter.

The grandmother denies giving money to Roosevelt.

“The one thing about all of it that really bothers me is that they would say that I would take money from her and send it to that person. And I didn't,” Coleman said.

“There is no way I’d give that person water if he was on a desert,” Coleman continued.

The guardianship account currently has a balance of $25.27, the complaint claims.

Coleman says she plans to make up for the deficit so her granddaughter can go to college.

The original judge on the guardianship case said Coleman did not have to post bail. She faces 10 years in prison and up to $25,000 in fines.

Source: FOX6, JSOnline

Photo Credit: Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office Via Fox 6


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