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Grandmother of 10 Sandy Mize Holds Burglar At Gunpoint

Spokane grandmother Sandy Mize thwarted a recent break-in attempt by holding the burglar at gunpoint until police could arrive.

When police arrived, Sean Denny, 35, tried to run away but police were able to subdue him with the aid of a police dog.

“I told him I was armed. He kept coming, so I started backing up,” Mize said. Officials said that the homeowner's actions were appropriate and they presented the elderly woman with a Spokane Junior Police Badge in appreciation of her efforts.

Denny was arrested on suspicion of burglary and resisting arrest and is being held on a $25,000 bond at the Spokane County Jail, according to Fox News.

Mize’s home was burglarized in 2010 but she wasn't home at the time. She didn’t want to do an extensive interview and described herself as shy. But as her neighbors have seen, she certainly isn’t scared. "I think it's great," neighbor Vicki Plastino said. "She's wonderful. More power to ya woman."

A video about the incident is below:

Sources: Fox News, KXLY


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