Grandma's Response To Heartbroken Granddaughter Goes Viral

A grandma's response after hearing her granddaughter was cheated on has stunned many worldwide.

After her husband cheated on her, the unidentified granddaughter sought her grandmother for advice -- which would eventually go viral, Metaspoon reports.

It all began when, upon learning about the struggles she was going through, the grandmother boiled water in three pots.

In one, she placed a carrot and in the second, some eggs. She poured coffee beans into the third one.

She was silent as she let the food boil for twenty minutes before placing the contents of all three in separate bowls.

“Tell me what you see,” she asked her granddaughter.

When the woman responded, “Carrots, eggs, and coffee,” the grandmother beckoned her closer to feel them.

Noting the hard boiled egg underneath, the softness of the carrots, and the delicious taste of the coffee, she asks her grandmother what it all meant.

That’s when the grandma imparted the words of wisdom, inspiring many across the globe.

Each object had encountered adversity: boiling water, she explained.

The hard carrot was left soft and weak. The fragile egg hardened. Yet the coffee, she said, actually changed the water as it boiled.

“Which are you?” she asked her granddaughter. “When adversity knocks on your door, how do you respond? Are you a carrot, an egg or a coffee bean?”

The words invoked a strong response on social media.

“Yes! well said so well said you cant give up everytime it looks bad rise above it and work on it be the coffee,” wrote Carol Baptista.

Michelle Warren added, “Wow... I wasn't expecting this great advice... it works for most situations... but not all... you gotta pick your own self up…”

However, not everybody was impressed.

“Granma's advice may be good for adversities that come into our life..............but, CHEATING IS DELIBERATE!!!!! Goes to the character of her husband to be. Run, girl.............he is not the only fish in the sea,” said Gerry Major.

Cynthia Moske agreed, stating, “Bad advice gramma!There are enough real problems in life without marrying one..Run girl...you dodged a bullet!”

Sources: MetaspoonShared/Facebook / Photo credit: Metaspoon

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