Grandma Finally Discovers What The Strange Noises She Had Been Hearing Upstairs Were


An elderly woman in Bedford, Pennsylvania, discovered a man had been living for weeks on the second floor of her home — and she hadn't a clue about it until her daughter found him hiding upstairs.

The unidentified homeowner, who is in her 80s, is immobile and stays mostly on the first floor of her home, reports NBC News. She hired a caretaker, who has a boyfriend, Mark Potts. When her daughter came to visit, they discovered Potts had been squatting on the second floor.

"They heard a noise upstairs and they found this man hiding in a closet," said Bedford Country District Attorney Bill Higgins, who added that Potts had been living there for several weeks.

"This guy put this woman in fear and he probably killed any future feelings of security," Higgins said. "We are going to make sure he is held accountable for that."

When police searched the second floor, they found a duffel bag, several suitcases and other personal items belonging to Potts, reports WJAC TV. At the time of his arrest, Potts was reportedly carrying a handgun.

Potts faces criminal trespassing charges and the caretaker could also faces charges for helping him. 

Sources: NBC NewsWJAC TV

Photo Credit: Screen Capture via WJAC TV


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