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Pit Bulls Kill Boy, Grandma Charged With Murder (Photo)

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Authorities charged a Georgia grandmother with murder after her toddler grandson was mauled to death by two pit bulls.

Sandra Bowers Adams, 70, was babysitting her 20-month-old grandson when he was attacked by the dogs, reports WYFF.

The grandmother and grandson were reportedly heading back into the house from the backyard when the pit bulls charged at the boy, knocking the grandma to the ground and killing the child.

Adams says she tried to get the dogs off her grandson, but was unsuccessful.

The boy had several bites to his head and neck. He was taken to an urgent care facility where he was pronounced dead.

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The Hartwell Police Department says it had cited Adams multiple times for keeping disorderly animals.

She has since been charged with second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter and cruelty to children.  

The pit bulls will be euthanized.

Many praised the authorities for arresting the grandmother.

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"Good, it's about time these pit bull owning idiots were held fully accountable for the crimes of the vicious killer dogs they're too stupid to own responsibly," wrote one Daily Mail reader

"This happens all of the time & even with previous issues with the dogs that owner isn't arrested," added another. "Interesting they chose to arrest this woman. Anyone who puts a child in harms way around dangerous dogs should be arrested."

"Finally, holding the owners responsible," said a third. "This is great and the grandma should get at least 15 years in jail."

Some thought the child's parents should also be questioned.

"I don't understand how any parent could leave their child with someone who had been cited multiple times for keeping disorderly animals," wrote one. "Poor little mite, what a horrendous way to die."

"Perhaps his parents should be charged as well," wrote another.

Others placed the blame on both the grandmother and the dogs. Some said it should be a crime to even own pit bulls.

"Why haven't the authorities place a ban on this breed of dog?" wrote a Daily Mail reader. "Why do people even care to have such animals in their homes? Sadly, these horrific events will continue unless something is done. I just cannot fathom what such people are thinking when they have these cruel animals around them, especially around the children. That's just cold."

A few said the dog breed should be allowed to die out.

"Nobody should have these dogs," commented one reader. "The breed needs to be banned and allowed to die off, go extinct."

Sources: WYFF, Daily Mail / Featured Image: MapleGirlie/Flickr / Embedded Images: Facebook via Daily Mail, Ildar Sagdejev/Wikimedia Commons

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