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Man Dies Trying To Save Drowning Granddaughter

2-Year-Old Drowns In Pool After Father Passes Out Drunk Promo Image

A Maryland man drowned alongside his 4-year-old granddaughter Aug. 3 after he tried to rescue her.

The girl, Aryannah Wooten, had jumped into the deep end of the pool, but soon found herself struggling as she was unable to swim, reports WJZ.

"[The other children nearby] alerted the male that was watching them," said said Lt. Jen McKee of the Anne Arundel County Fire Department, referring to the grandfather, 51-year-old grandfather, Lemuel Kane. "He jumped into the pool, but unfortunately did not know how to swim and began to get into some distress himself."

The other children ran to the girl’s great-grandmother, who called 911.

Authorities found the two still alive, but in critical condition.

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Both were rushed to Baltimore-Washington Medical Center where they were pronounced dead.

"The fire department immediately pulled both of the victims out of the pool, they aggressively tried to resuscitate both of them, but unfortunately by the time they got to the hospital and the hospital tried to resuscitate them, they weren't successful," added McKee.

Many were heartbroken upon learning of the news.

"Very sad, very very tragic," said Carmen Collins, who lives near where the two drowned. "Just thinking of the family and prayers to them."

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Social media users were also devastated by the tragedy.

"Hearing about this today really hurts my heart," wrote one woman on her Facebook. "I have literal chills as I also have a very adventurous/curious 4 year old. This is such a tragedy to lose 2 people at the same time. Please lift this family in prayer today as they deal with the loss of their loved ones. Parents cover your children."

Many voiced their opinion that parents should do more to ensure pool safety.

"This was so sad I tell people all the times please child proof their home and pools because its only takes a second for a kid to get into something," added another person.

"This is awful," wrote one Fox News reader. "The state where I am from is one of the top states with this issue. It's not only supervision, it's teaching your children to swim at a young age. That combined with supervision are the only real preventatives. It's not only your own home, but when they go play with friends, etc. Very sad for this family and their terrible loss. "

Sources: WJZ, Facebook, Fox News / Featured Image:Kalboz/Flickr / Embedded Images: vbrincat/FlickrTommy Wong/Flickr

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