Grandfather Jerry Waller Shot Dead by Police After Checking On Noise in Driveway

A grandfather, aged 72, was shot dead by police outside of his home in East Fort Worth, Texas after he stepped out to check on a noise he heard.

His street was normally a quiet one, and so the sound of his neighbor's alarm going off startled him. He allegedly took his .38-caliber handgun with him to see what was going on, but didn't even make it down his driveway before police officers shot him six times.

Jerry Waller thought the disturbance was near his garage, and wasn't planning on taking his gun off his property. 

Officers were on his block investigating Waller's neighbor's alarm. They saw Waller in his driveway holding the gun, felt threatened, and shot him.

Spokeswoman for the Forth Worth Police, Tracey Knight, said that "policies and procedures were followed…officers are taught when they go to a call to survey the entire landscape and not just the small area of where the call is."

Police Chief Jeff Halstead said the department was investigating the matter and that the two officers are now on routine administrative leave.

Chris Waller, Jerry's son, said the police are recalling the incident incorrectly.

"My father never stepped outside of his garage. He was shot multiple times in the chest only a few steps away from the doorway to his kitchen," he wrote in an email.

His neighbors heard the shots, which were fired at 1:07 a.m. Former Fort Worth City Councilwoman Becky Haskin was one of the neighbors awoken by the noise.

"The shots came really rapidly one after another," she said. "My husband, who knows a lot about firearms, said he thought it was the police because of the way the shots came so fast."

Soon, other officers were on the street.

"I was told by an officer that [Waller] wouldn't put his gun down. It is really an awful, terrible thing," Haskin said.

Sources: CBS Local, NY Daily News


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