Grandfather Fights Back Against Armed Robbers

A Bronx, New York, business owner and grandfather fought back against two masked gunmen who tied him up and beat him.

Ramon Humberto Nunez, grandfather of seven, owns JR&R Auto Repair Center in the South Bronx.

On Saturday morning, two armed men forced their way into his repair shop where Nunez was working alone, reports New York Daily News.

Nunez’s hands, feet, and neck were tied by the men in a manner that if he tried to move his hands, he would choke himself, Nunez’s son, Ramon Nunez Jr., said.

The men took the $1,800 dollars Nunez had on him and allegedly demanded more money.

“We know you have more money,” the men reportedly said. “Where is it?”

Nunez told them it was outside in his pickup truck because he wanted the men to be seen. When they returned angry, Nunez struck back against them.

Nunez managed to stand and choke one of the robbers.

“I wasn’t going to let go,” Nunez told his son.

One of the robbers used a pipe from a mini-fridge in Nunez’s office to hit him in the back, and then punched and pistol-whipped him.

The robbers then fled and police are still searching for them.

Luckily for Nunez, who suffered a traumatic brain injury four years ago that left him in a coma for months, he was not hit in the head by the robbers. Had he been, his injuries could have been much more severe because of the plate he has in his head.

Nunez’s son said his father is doing okay.

“Father’s Day is going to be a little different,” Nunez Jr. said. “We’re going to try and bring him back home for dinner. He wants to leave the hospital already.”

Nunez’s son said his father is extremely hardworking and that his mother has been trying to get him to open the shop at 8 a.m. when there are more customers.

“His life is working hard,” Nunez’s son said.

As a Father’s Day gift, his family had already planned to send Nunez to an all-inclusive resort in Florida.

Nunez’s story is reminiscent of the tuxedo-wearing 59-year-old great-grandfather who fought off three armed robbers who broke into his home in 2010, as the Northhampton Chronicle reported. The robbery suspects were apprehended in the case and one praised the man’s bravery for fighting back.

“He knows it must have been terrifying for the victims and he says himself that the victim was a very brave man to stand up to a whole group of men, some of whom were armed,” the robber's lawyer said in court.

Sources: New York Daily News, Northampton Chronicle

Photo Credit: New York Daily News


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