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Grandfather Dies After Getting Locked In His 'Dream Car'

James Rogers, 72, was found dead along with his dog in his car outside a Waffle House restaurant in Port Arthur, Texas on June 8.

Rogers, a grandfather of five, and his beloved dog Leia got into the 2007 Chevy Corvette after stopping at the Waffle House, where he was a regular, reports KHOU. A cable apparently came loose and cut the vehicle’s power, so Rogers couldn’t honk the horn or operate the locks. Unfortunately, Rogers also left his phone in the restaurant.

Unable to call for help, it appears Rogers and his dog died of heat exhaustion. Rogers did not know there was a manual release near the driver’s seat.

M.J. Ponsegrau, another regular at the restaurant, said he and first responders struggled to free Rogers, only to discover he was already dead. "There's is a way to get in, but it's not common knowledge," he told USA Today. Firefighters eventually resorted to breaking a window to get Rogers out.

Tricia Hernandez, Rogers’ daughter, said police believe her father tried to escape and might have died looking through the car’s manual. She said it was heartbreaking that her father died in the Corvette, which she described as his dream car.

Sources: KHOU, USA Today

Image: Supplied via 12 News Now


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