Grandfather Believed To Be Dead Wakes Up Right Before Being Cremated


Just as a family in India was about to cremate a 72-year-old grandfather during his funeral ceremony, the elderly man suddenly woke up.

According to reports, 72-year-old Deepak Singh had collapsed while tending to his cattle, and his family says they were convinced that he had died.

“As he started walking over to where the cows are, he suddenly fell to the ground,” 26-year-old Banda Nalwa, Singh’s grandson, said. “I rushed over and couldn’t see any signs of life. I couldn’t feel a pulse and his heart seemed to have stopped. I called the rest of the family and they agreed. We thought he was dead.”

To be sure, the family called a local doctor to come and examine Singh, and upon examination, the doctor was able to confirm that the man had died.

The family, as they would in this situation, began to make arrangements and prepared for a traditional cremation ceremony. Just as they were about to ignite the wooden funeral pyre, however, Singh suddenly woke up. Reports say that the elderly man had heard the traditional death wait being chanted from beyond the grave and suddenly came back to life.

“As the volume of the wailing increased, I suddenly saw my grandfather’s body move,” Nalwa said. “At first I thought it was my imagination, but then he opened his eyes and sat up. Thank God we didn’t set the pyre alight. It seems he had just fainted.”

Despite the circumstances, Singh hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

“I know I can be a bit of a pain at times,” Singh joked. “But I hope they wait till I am actually dead before trying to set me on fire again.”

Sources:Daily Mail, NY Post, India Today / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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