Boy Catches Grandfather Trying to have Sex with Dog


Both grandson and dog scarred for life.

Northwest Florida Daily News reported this grim tale of attempted bestiality witnessed by a boy, reported to the family, the police, and now bound to catch fire in the media.

NWFDaily News
“A man is facing an animal cruelty charge after his grandson saw him attempting to have sex with a dog, according to a Walton County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

His family contacted law enforcement after the grandson told his father that he had seen Hickman nude in the bedroom on top of the dog, the report stated.”

The victim was a female bulldog, aged 3; we do not know how old the other victim was (the grandson).

AOL Newsconscientious reporters that they are, followed up the report with this stunning revelation:

“The crime report, obtained by AOL Weird News, said that Hickman ‘by his own admission said he was trying to have sex with the dog, however was unable to insert his penis.’”

Sad, sad interesting state of affairs.  Could it get any worse for our culprit, Eugene Hickman?  But we have to wonder: would he regret the incident more if the tryst was successful?  Will the bulldog take away any psychological pain, physical trauma notwithstanding?  And will the grandson ever be able to look at his grandpa the same way?

Personally, I do not think any one is walking away from this story unscathed.

So much for shattered childhood illusions…


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