Grand Rapids Woman Discovers Boa Constrictor Living In Couch (Video)


Grand Rapids woman Holly Wright discovered a boa constrictor living under her couch, two months after she had moved the couch into her home.

Wright reported that she did not know where the snake came from, but that she and her boyfriend had retrieved the couch outside a home in Heritage Hill. There was a free sign on it, and it looked like it was in decent condition.

"We smelled it and everything -- it looked OK,” Wright said. “We peeled off the cushions, cleaned it up, never saw anything.”

Over the weekend, the snake finally emerged from the couch. Wright recalled that the snake was lethargic and never hissed, but that it recoiled when poked with a hanger.

At that point, Wright and her boyfriend flipped the couch on its side and tore out the side to remove the snake. They put the snake in a box for safekeeping and planned to take it to an animal expert to be nursed.

“There was no food for the snake and I think it came out of the couch because it was dying," Wright explained.

Unfortunately, the snake died before Wright could bring it to an expert.

Wright said her room feels empty now, and regretted being so close to a suffering animal without being able to help it.

Sources: ABC News, Detroit Free Press


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