Grand Jury Won't File Charges In Alleged Public Sexual Assault of Ohio University Student


As Opposing Views recently reported, an alleged sexual assault was caught on camera and published on the Internet via Twitter and other social media sites. The pictures are difficult to look at, and the woman involved reportedly went to police after the incident to report the sexual assault. The incident took place after an Ohio University homecoming celebration.

Now a grand jury has decided not to charge the man with sexual assault after they apparently could not find evidence that showed it wasn’t a consensual act. The case has become more complicated after witnesses say the woman left with the man following the incident.

To complicate it even more, an Ohio University student named Rachel Cassidy is reportedly in hiding after a group called Crimes Against Fathers recently published her name, address and contact information because they believe she is the woman in the pictures. Cassidy claims that she was not the woman, but actually was at her sorority house when the incident occurred. The group is convinced she is lying and calls her an “evil woman” for alleging rape against the man in the pictures.

“I believe that it is VERY likely Rachel Cassidy is the woman in the now viral video,” wrote Crimes Against Fathers leader Peter Nolan in an email to the Daily News. “There are a great deal of similarity in looks between the woman in the video/photos and Rachel Cassidy.”

Witnesses say that the woman was not struggling, asking the man to stop, or acting distressed in any way during the public sex act. Some even say she appeared to enjoy it. Nolan seems to agree, and says that Cassidy is evil for trying to turn embarrassment for public sex into a rape case. He says that even if the woman pictured isn’t Rachel Cassidy, he does not apologize for publishing her information online. It should be noted that Nolan has come up with no certain proof that she is in fact the pictured woman, and police have not commented either way.

“If Rachel Cassidy goes out tomorrow and buys a gun and blows her head off that’s not a problem for me,” said Nolan. “I’m prepared to say that in the public.”

Even though it’s not in any way confirmed that Cassidy is the woman in the pictures, a court has now determined that whoever the woman was, she was not raped that night. They determined that both people had consumed a lot of alcohol that night, and that even if both were intoxicated, there is no evidence to support claims that it was nonconsensual. The woman did not remember the incident, but testing did not show any signs of a date rape drug.


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