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Grammy Nominee Vanessa Carlton Comes Out as Bisexual

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Singer/songwriter Vanessa Carltonannounced that she is “a proud bisexual woman” to a crowd of 18,000 people at Nashville Pride this past Saturday.

Singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton came out while performing at Nashville Pride.

Carlton, who is best known for her 2002 Grammy nominated album Be Not Nobody, headlined at Nashville’s Pride ceremonies. Carlton was rumored to be dating performers like John Mayer and Third Eye Blind front man Stephen Jenkins, and is now a respected, out member of the bisexual community.

The singer joins a select group of out bisexual celebrities like True Blood star Anna Paquin, who came out in April in a public service announcement  promoting equality and awareness of the LGBT community.

GLAAD applauds Carlton and wishes her the best as she continues to live her life openly and proudly.


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