Prosecuting David Flory for Prostitution Site Waste of Money


A New Jersey physics professor named David Flory is under arrest for the promotion of an act. If this act isn't done for money, it is completely legal. There is one activity that adults can freely engage in, but if they do so for anything of value, than they have committed a crime.

You might have guessed ,of course, prostitution. See, I can mow my lawn and I can mow my neighbors lawn. If I charge my neighbor for mowing his lawn, I will not go to jail. I will not have a criminal record. My neighbor won't have a criminal record. We engaged in a transaction where I provided a service, which he willingly paid. But, because we're the United States, we deal with an old Puritan past.

Indeed, Mr. Flory didn't really profit all that much from the website. He wanted to create a safe website to connect prostitutes and would be johns. Why was that kind of service needed? Well, because it is illegal. Because prostitution is illegal it then, like drugs, creates a black-market because there is high demand for those things.

Brothels that are legal in Nevada don't have the problems of underage girls. They don't have high rates of sexually transmitted diseases, as is common with street prostitution. They don't have violence committed against those women. Why? Because it is legal and regulated.

So the government spent half a year investigating this website. How many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, did this operation cost? How much will it cost to bring this man to trial? How much to imprison him? He was held at $100,000 bail, which is the level that many murder suspects get.

This, by the way, is why we should totally separate religion from the government, such as removing "In God we trust" on our money. Because when the government and religion are so intertwined, the voices of those who say that our government and policies should follow the dogma and doctrine of their religion, are promoted. We need public policy based purely on the needs of human beings, not the dogma of any religion.


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