Gov. Rick Perry Taking Immigration Control Into Own Hands


Governor Rick Perry has grown tired of "lip service" resulting in inaction from the federal government. The governor has decided to deploy 1,000 National Guard troops without the blessing (or involvement) of the federal government.

Operation Strong Safety, as the governor is calling it, will add these 1,000 troops to the 3,000 Border Patrol troops already stationed in Texas.

Said Governor Perry, “I will not stand idly by while our citizens are under assault and little children from Central America are detained in squalor. We are too good a country for that to occur."

According to the governor, the federal government has fallen short on its responsibility to keep the borders secure.

“Over the years, I have repeatedly called on the federal government to live up to its responsibility of protecting this great nation by securing the border.” He continued, “Since 2008, more than 203,000 criminal aliens have been booked into Texas county jails. … These individuals have committed more than 630,000 crimes — and that is in the state of Texas alone.”

Taking the situation into his own hands will not be cheap, however. Perry's Texas-funded surge in Border Patrol troops will cost his state an extra $1.3 million each week it is in effect.

The Blaze is reporting that some border sheriffs and other individuals in opposition to the plan criticize it as an "ill-conceived militarization", though only time will tell what the governor's constituents feel about the situation.


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