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GOP Senate Candidate Defends Criticism Of Trump

GOP Senate Candidate Defends Criticism Of Trump Promo Image

A Republican Senate candidate has defended his criticisms of President Donald Trump and says some of the warnings he made about Trump during the GOP primaries are coming true.

Mo Brooks, a candidate in a special election in Alabama which will elect a senator to serve out the rest of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' term, made the comments July 26, according to The Hill.

Brooks supported the presidential campaign of Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

"The reservations I expressed during the Republican primary, I think a lot of them are coming to fruition, particularly on border security issues and particularly with respect to what is happening to what I believe is an outstanding man," Brooks said, referring to Trump's attacks on Sessions, The Hill reported.

"I really find disconcerting President Trump's public and personal attacks on a man I know to be of the highest character, Jeff Sessions," he added.

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Brooks said he would pull out of the election if his Republican rival for the seat, Luther Strange, allowed Sessions to have the seat back.

Brooks will face Strange in a Republican primary in August. Other Republican candidates in the primary contest include former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore.

One recent ad released by a political action committee backing Strange portrayed Brooks as being linked to Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and House Minority Leader Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California.

"They all attack Donald Trump, try to stop him," the ad stated, according to Alabama Today.

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In the past, Brooks labeled Trump a "serial adulterer" and argued he could not be trusted.

"Overall on border security, he's doing far better than Hillary Clinton would have and he's doing far better than Barack Obama ever did, but he's still not going as far as he promised during the campaign," added Brooks, according to The Hill.

Brooks is especially frustrated with Trump's record on immigration, which he said was not hardline enough.

"He's still averaging about 10,000 work permits issued per month to illegal aliens in direct conflict with his campaign promises," the Alabama congressman added. "That's something he doesn't need a vote from Congress on."

Another thorny issue for Brooks was Trump's reaction to the House health care bill, which Brooks worked to pass in May.

"We have a huge celebration over at the White House and the Rose Garden where he's talking about it basically as the best thing since sliced bread," Brooks said. "Then a few weeks later he's describing it in words such as 'mean' and 'cruel.' Jeez, how are you supposed to handle that?"

Sources: The Hill, Alabama Today / Photo credit: repmobrooks/Flickr, TexasMan34/Wikimedia Commons, U.S. Senate/Wikimedia Commons

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