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GOP Sen. Cotton: Obama A Good Role Model


Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas praised President Barack Obama for being a role model and family man.

"President Obama has been a good role model for young men throughout our society, especially people like him who grew up without a father,” Cotton told CNN. "I think the kind of quiet dignity that he's brought to the private side of his life sets a really good example for young men all around the country who maybe don't have a father-figure or don't have a role model they can look up to.”

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, a conservative Democrat, seconded Cotton's assessment of Obama.

"He really brought a lot of dignity to the office, when you look at basically his family life and how he raised these two wonderful daughters," Manchin said.

Manchin and Cotton are not alone among conservatives who disagree with Obama's politics but admire his family values.

"As a conservative, I don't think he's been a good president. But I'll readily admit he's been a terrific role model," wrote Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry in The Week.

"Michelle and Barack Obama clearly and obviously love each other and are tender towards each other," Gobry wrote. "They find ways to humorously poke fun at each other. They visibly work as partners leading the difficult endeavor that was Obama's political career, presidential campaigns, and mandate as president."

Gobry went on to say that spending time with family is important, and that Obama did it throughout his presidency.

"Famously, President Obama has drawn a red line around family dinner time and respects it. This is a red line he's actually kept, and it rightly puts all of us dads to shame." Gobry wrote. "If the freakin' president of the United States is not too busy to spend dinner with his family, neither are you."

Sources: CNN, The Week / Photo Credit: The White House/Flickr

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