GOP Could Drop Support For Palestinian State


The Republican Party seems poised for a major policy shift that would -- for the first time -- reject the possibility of a two-state solution in Israel, according to a leaked copy of a proposed platform change.

The document, which was leaked to Jewish Insider and Forward, is not yet part of the Republican Party's official platform. It was endorsed by the party's policy subcommittee, but would need the support of Republican lawmakers to become official policy.

If it does, it would represent a major change in American relations toward Israel and the Palestinian people, especially if presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump wins the White House in November. The leaked document declares Jerusalem "the eternal and indivisible capital of the Jewish state," and includes support for Israel's "settlements" in the West Bank, which have long been a source of contention and an obstacle in the peace process.

“The U.S. seeks to assist in the establishment of comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East, to be negotiated among those living in the region,” the Republican platform states, according to Forward. “We oppose any measures intended to impose an agreement or to dictate borders or other terms, and call for the immediate termination of all U.S. funding of any entity that attempts to do so. Our party is proud to stand with Israel now and always.”

The hawkish potential policy change "signals a breakaway from U.S. administrations’ policy and a view held by a majority of American Jews to reflect the opinion of a majority of Israel’s cabinet and the basic guidelines of Netanyahu’s coalition," according to Jewish Insider.

The proposed policy change reflects the views of Trump's advisors on Israel, including David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt, who have previously campaigned to end the party's support for a two-state solution, the Insider reported.

But the actual language of the proposal comes from South Carolina state Rep. Alan Clemmons, according to Forward, who pushed hard for dropping support for a two-state solution and for recognizing Jerusalem as the property of the Jewish state only.

David Friedman, an American bankruptcy lawyer and adviser to Trump, said the presumptive Republican nominee is a strong supporter of Israel and wants to make that clear by potentially taking a new approach.

“It ought to be time to at least take a fresh look at this,” Friedman said, reports the Jerusalem Post. “The two-state solution might be one answer, but I don’t think it’s the only answer anymore.”

Sources: Jewish Insider, Forward, Jerusalem Post / Photo credit:

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