GOP Candidate Blames Penn State Sex Scandal on Lack of School Prayer (Audio)


Georgia pastor and GOP Congressional candidate Jody Hice blamed the Penn State sex abuse scandal involving defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky on a lack of government-sponsored prayer in schools.

Hice made his claim in 2011 during an appearance on the "End Times" radio broadcast hosted by Rick Wiles, noted (audio below).

“You can go back decades, as we first kicked the Bible out of schools and prayer out of schools,” stated Hice. “We’ve just basically been going downhill since then and you get what you get.”

“...When that is removed, you get exactly what we are witnessing at Penn State, the absence of the ability to govern one’s life based upon right and wrong, and you have things like pedophilia taking place and other people seeing it, witnessing, turning their back because there’s no core values of right and wrong,” added Hice.

However, Hice failed to mention that Sandusky graduated Washington High School in 1962 the same year the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against state-sponsored prayer in public schools, noted

According to, neighbors recalled Sandusky and his five adopted sons and daughter would pray before meals in the 1970s like "The Waltons."

Sandusky was also member of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, reported CNN.

In a recent campaign commercial (video below), Hice attacked the "militant atheists" at the ACLU, which opposes government-sponsored or endorsed religion, who are supposedly trying to make the country "godless" and "faithless."

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