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Google Maps Prank Targets Trump Tower, Goes Viral (Photos)

An online stunt involving Trump Tower in New York and Google Maps caused quite a stir on social media.

Trump Tower, where President-elect Donald Trump lives, was showing as “Dump Tower” on Google Maps on Nov. 26, BuzzFeed reports.

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The high-rise, located on New York City’s 5th Avenue, has become a popular tourist destination since Trump’s presidential campaign began, and is now home to secret service agents protecting the President-elect.

When the name of Trump Tower was changed to “Dump Tower” on Google Maps, social media users responded.

“High five to the Google Maps genius who changed T***p Tower to its rightful name, Dump Tower,” columnist Lesley Abravanel tweeted.

“Rigged! [Google] Maps shows Trump Tower as 'Dump Tower,'” Evan Smith, CEO of the Texas Tribune, tweeted.

“‘Dump Tower.’ Oh. My. Love it!!” actress Ariane Bellamar tweeted.

Dump Tower also has its own Twitter account now, and responded to its Google Maps existence.

“[Google Maps] thank you for recognizing me as the real home of [Donald Trump]. His place is always here, even when he is at [The White House],” the account tweeted.

Trump Tower had its name restored by the early morning of Nov. 27, CNN reports, as did Trump International Hotel & Tower in Columbus Circle, which had been changed to Dump International Hotel & Tower.

There were social media users who were not happy with the renaming of Trump Tower, and targeted Google with their complaints.

“‘Dump Tower’ Come to think about it, why should I trust [Google] at all? They collect my info & try to manipulate me. #DumpGoogle,” one Twitter user wrote.

“How mature of Google to name Trump Tower ‘Dump Tower’ real mature! Remember Google there are many search engines! #BoycottGoogle,” a Trump supporter tweeted.

It is unknown how Trump Tower was changed to Dump Tower on Google Maps.

This is not the first time a location on Google Maps was maliciously altered.

In May 2015, Google Maps users who searched for “N***a House” were directed to The White House, BuzzFeed reports.

That occurred after Google announced it would no longer allow public edits to locations earlier in 2015. The company referred to The White House incident as vandalism.

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