Google Maps Adds EV Charging Stations Locator Feature

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In brief: Google has now added electric vehicle charging station locations to its Maps application.

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Google Maps now displays the location of known EV charging stations on maps served up to users of the application. The information for the locations comes from publicly-available sources.

In addition, Google says they are working with the National Renewal Energy Laboratory (NREL), a part of the Department of Energy, to get more data. The NREL has been compiling a database of EV charging stations nationally through the GeoEVSE Forum.

The information on Maps can be accessed from any Internet and Web-ready device (mobile phone, tablet, computer) and may also be brought up in some advanced dashboard systems with map displays.

And so ...

Google has long been a fan of electric cars and has several in their fleet, including some experimental Toyota Prius models being used to test auto-pilot driving.

Photo credits: Google


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