Saucer-Shaped Object Sparks Conspiracy Theories (Video)


Discussion has ensued regarding the origins of a "saucer-shaped object" viewed through Google Earth.

In a video uploaded on March 24, Tyler from Secure Team, which provides information regarding " breaking news and exposure of the alien phenomenon," alleged that an unidentified round object was located in "restricted Arizona mountains," The Mirror reports.

According to Tyler, although a parked white vehicle was located next to the object, there were no residential areas near the area apart from possible oil installations. Tyler explained that the object was "very familiar" to him, as it shares similar features to "actual saucers" and the "anti-gravity technology" that has allegedly been observed on such structures.

Although Tyler admitted the object could have possibly been a testing site or crash site, he said two alleged military restrictions were placed on the area in which the "saucer-shaped object" was located.

"What really interests me is not only the military no-fly restriction put on this exact area, but the SECOND no-fly restriction placed literally dead center on the location of this object," he wrote in a YouTube comment. "That's a hell of a lot of military-grade restriction overkill for whatever this thing is."

Other YouTube commenters started to become suspicious of the object upon the mention of the reported no-fly zone.

"Yeah, when the military puts a SECOND no-fly restriction, used primarily for when Presidents come to an area, then you start to wonder why they don't want anyone near this thing," YouTube user Beth Monkey wrote.

However, many of the YouTube commenters were not convinced.

"Are you sure that is not a concrete structure with inside a lot of water tanks linked with pipes?" YouTube user Andrea Poggetti asked. "A sort of a big well? I'm a believer but i think that can be some of human this time."

"There is a trail/road leading to it," busterthe2 wrote. "It can't be a recent crashed saucer or there wouldn't be a well traveled trail leading to it."

"I managed to find this on google earth, and took a better look at it, there are some old disintegrating structures nearby and what looks like a solar panel, I would say it's a water cistern," Joshua Youngblood wrote. "It's also right in the heart of Swaggart Spring. And It's not a no fly zone."

Sources: The Mirror, Secureteam10/YouTube / Photo Credit: Secureteam10/YouTube, The Mirror

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