Good Samaritans Stop Sexual Assault In Virginia


Four men intervened in a sexual assault this last weekend in Arlington, Va., stopping the suspect before the victim was physically harmed. This occurred early Saturday morning outside the Court House Metro station. 

Suspect Ryan Dean, age 27, is said to have followed a woman off the Arlington Metro and, once the two were outside the station, took her by surprise and threw her into some bushes. As Dean allegedly attempted to sexually assault the woman, her cries for help caught the attention of some nearby men in their 20s.

Upon hearing the victim’s cries for help, the four men rushed to the scene, fought off the suspect and promptly called the police, according to Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck. 

After being fought off, Dean fled Eastbound from the Court House Metro station, but was eventually subdued and arrested by the police. The police cannot confirm an address for the individual and are attempting to determine whether the man is homeless. 

The 31 year-old victim did not sustain any major injuries, though she is still recovering from the event emotionally. 

Sexual assault continues to be a major issue in the United States. The Joyful Heart Foundation estimates that one in five women is raped in her lifetime, and that one in 71 men is raped in his lifetime. Rape, here, is defined as “forced sexual intercourse”. Rape is only one aspect within the umbrella of sexual assault, which, on the whole, is an even greater problem in the country than rape alone.

44 percent of all sexual assault victims are under 18, which brings to light an even deeper issue, though this case in particular involved two adults.

Ryan Dean, the suspect in this case, is being charged with sexual battery. This is according to WTOP FM, a radio news source local to Arlington, Va.


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