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Volunteers Help 90-Year-Old Woman In Big Way (Video)

When a 90-year-old woman was facing hefty fines for the condition of her property, a group of incredibly generous volunteers stepped in to help her out in a big way (video below).

Agnes Maples was facing city fines of up to $2,500 a day after a family member spent years depositing a collection of trash and his personal belongings in her yard.

Maples' home was in desperate need of repair as well. She had holes in her roof and no air conditioning. As a widow, Agnes didn't have anywhere to turn. That is, until she found Operation Blessing.

Volunteers from Operation Blessing showed up at Maples' home and, within days, her roof was fixed, the trash was removed from her yard, the run-down sheds and trailer in her backyard were removed, and her property was cleared out. 

Not only did volunteers clean up Agnes' yard, but they also installed a brick pathway and built a few flower beds.

Before leaving, the volunteers had one last surprise for Agnes: they bought her a brand new air conditioner for her bedroom.

Maples was overwhelmed by the incredible work of the volunteers from Operation Blessing, who she calls her "little angels."

"God bless them and they're wonderful," she told CBN. "I love them all. I've been blessed and blessed and God has never left me. And he's still with me."

Watch a video of the incredible story below:

Sources: LittleThingsYouTube / Photo Credit: The Official 700 Club/YouTube

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