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Good Samaritan Stops Man From Raping Woman On Subway Platform, Drags Him By His Shirt To Police Department (Video)

A man recently saved the day for a woman who was being sexually assaulted on a New York City subway.

Maurice Osborne, 37, was riding the No. 3 train Wednesday morning at the Bergen Street station in Park Slope, Brooklyn, when he heard a woman screaming, he told CBS New York (video below).

Alvaro Dennica, 40, was allegedly fondling himself in front of the victim before chasing her off the train and onto the platform and jumping on top of her.

Osborne reportedly ran onto the platform when he heard the woman's screams and grabbed Dennica by the collar.

Osborne then continued grabbing Dennica by the shirt and dragged him across the platform, up the subway stairs, and across Flatbush Avenue to the 78th Precinct, where he turned the sexual predator in to the police.

The victim followed Osborne to the Precinct and told police what happened.

Dennica was charged with attempted sexual abuse and assault and is being held on $150,000 bond.

The incident left Osborne with an injured hand, and he also had to get six stitches above his eye.

Osborne said that he hopes other New Yorkers will follow his lead and help others when they are in need or in trouble.

Sources: CBS New York, YouTube

Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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